Studies Director

Major (Hellenic Air Force) Nikolaos S. Kanellopoulos is a Hellenic Air Force Academy/Engineering Department graduate.
He has served in the114 Combat Wing, the Hellenic Air Force Support Command/Branch C/Directorate C1/Department of Aircraft Maintenance (Staff Officer), the Hellenic Air Force General Staff/Branch C/Directorate C1/Department of Quality Assurance and Airworthiness (Staff Officer) and the Air Force Training Command, Branch C1 (Head of Department C1/1/Aircraft and Weaponry Maintenance).
He holds an MSc in History and Philosophy of Sciences and Technology (University of Athens), an MSc in Guided Weapon Systems (Cranfield University) and a PhD (with distinction) in military history. He is a graduate of the Air War College/Junior Officers. He speaks English, French and Italian.