Joint Languages Institute of the Armed Forces (DIGED) mission is:

a)    To provide the personal of Armed and Security Forces through the classes of foreign languages being learned, the ability of providing adequate training and staffing national posts abroad or at allied headquarters. Another reason is for the personnel to be able to be involved in missions abroad, as well as taking up a post in the country which responds to the knowledge of foreign languages.

b)    Teaching the Greek language to foreign military students in order to enable them to monitor any military training that takes place in Greece.

c)    Providing foreign military students with the necessary language skills using English or Greek as an intermediate language of communication.

d)    Providing language certification to students, subject to special examinations for all the languages being taught, solely for the needs of our Armed Forces. Provided that do not have equivalent certification exams by state or competent bodies.

e)    Exercise of special language certification exams for the needs of our Armed Forces in languages other than the ones being taught following a command by the Hellenic General Staff of The National Defense (GEETHA).