JLIAF's Commander Curriculum Vitae Colonel Dimitrios Mathioudakis


Dimitrios Mathioudakis


 Aigaiou Pelagous and Lasithiou, Dioni, Pikermi, 19005, Attica

2106035709    6943528240   

dimitrismagda@hotmail.com , magdim8@outlook.com


Sex: Male  Date of Birth: 10 March 1968 | Nationality: Greek





Time Details

A brief overview

-From 19 April 19 until today


-From 1 Aug 17 until 15 April 19





-From 20 June 15 until 31 July 17








-From 16 June 14 until 19June 15




-From 7 Aug 10 until 15 June 14


Analysis and Main Inputs

30 years as an Officer. I hold the rank of Colonel since 2014.

-Commander of the Joint Language Institute of the Armed Forces.

-Section head at the Doctrine and Training Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff. I was dealing with the provided education and military training of 2 Military Universities including faculty selection processes, the Joint and Army military education, the Army - Universities co operation and edification programs, the Officers and NCO’s career schools and Army Personnel related courses and the Training and education abroad in 14 countries. I drafted a prototype training mechanism to mitigate the effects of unexpected events (Clausewitzian Friction) in peacetime, crisis and war.

Military Faculty in the National Defense College where I planned and executed the 1st Senior Course in Defense Studies, I drafted and issued 5 student syllabuses covering all 5 cycles of the regular course, aiming to expand the available sources of studying material in a logical educational frame. I drafted a flexible strategic methodology framework, a project that was awarded with congratulation from my Commander. This methodology provided the basic theory of strategic elements, and prototype schematics with flow of lines between assumptions, threats, goals, interests etc in 4 distinctive phases. This framework was tested in a crisis management exercise that I planned and executed 5 times, with excellent results.

-Studies at the National Defense University (Washington D.C.) where I received a Master of Science in National Security Strategy.  I received the ‘’Robert & Nancy Hoffer International Award for Security Cooperation and Understanding’’, being selected as the outstanding International Fellow of the NDU Class of 2015. (out of 60 international students from 37 countries).

-Section chief and Director of G3 Air Branch at NRDC-GR (Thessaloniki) that apart from the demanding NATO related obligations, I drafted  the detailed deployment, sustainment and redeployment plan of the AAvn detachment covering all NATO Response Force (NRF) provisions, in the frame of NRF 12 stand by  mission.

-During my past assignments I performed commanding tasks up to Battalion level along with General Staff Officer obligations up to Hellenic General Staff level.

Employer: Ministry of National Defense


Time Details


Title / Diploma / Certification

-From 16 June 14 until 19 June 15








▪  I received a Master of Science in National Security Strategy,  National Defense University (Washington D.C.)  The DOATAP Managerial Committee decision numbered 20-3700/29 July 2015 recognized the title as equal to respective Hellenic Supreme Educational Institutions. (achieved rank : 9,57/10 Excellent)

▪  Studies at the Centre Diplomatique et Strategique (CEDS) that were awarded with the ‘’Diplôme de fin de cycle’’  No 37/08 Athènes.

▪  Bachelor degree in Political Science and History Grade 8,38/10 (ID Student number: 11980222) from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

▪  I successfully attained a bachelor in the Hellenic Military Academy, thus graduated with the rank of Second Lieutenant of the Artillery Branch. I graduated 59 out of 220 classmates, achieving a rank of 15.44 out of 20.




Time Details


-       From 2011 to 2012



-2 articles of military orientation were published at the ΝΑΤΟ Rapid Deployable Corps/Thessaloniki  issued magazine..






Mother Tongue




Other Languages





















I got my proficiency of Michigan in 1998 and concluded with physical presence my post graduate studies in America in 2014-2015. Succeeded in French language B2 degree in May 14.


Levels: Α1/2: Basic User - Β1/2: Advanced User - C1/2: Experienced User

Common European Framework of Language Capacity


Administrative Capacities and Organizational Behavior


▪  Staff team organization and coordination capacities.

▪  Commanding efficiency up to Battalion level (500 men and women)

▪  Coordination efficiency at Hellenic Army General Staff Section  level (15 staff officers)

▪  Capability to promote Greek set objectives in foreign audiences during military missions abroad.

▪  Analytic articulation of innovating ideas, from paper to reality, especially in the domains of training and education, along with talent management and focused qualitative increase of human capital.


Occupational Capacities

-Extract the best potential form the inferior level and submit qualitative outcomes to the superior level, providing in addition the best spectrum of options/advices in tricky or hard issues.

Military ethics and values in play.

-Extreme capacities in political and defense planning, in strategic logic and articulated strategy and in the drafting from scratch and implementing training or educational programs.


-Emphasis in innovating and challenging programs like the unexpected event mitigation training mechanism, the recent new evaluation approach, and the qualitative upgrade of HAGS provided training and education.


Ability to use Microsoft Office basic applications with ease and effectiveness: Word, ppt, Excel, MS Outlook, apart from windows.

Family based activities, font of photography,  hi-end  turntable based music and history books.









Computer related Capacities


Other Inputs







Distinctions and awards



Participation in non  profit Organizations

Voluntarily actions

-   I was selected as the outstanding International Fellow of the NDU Class of 2015. (out of 60 international students from 37 countries).

- Won 1st prize in an AAvn Directorate written competition concerning Special Operations helicopters in 2001.






-       (s/n 1)        Identity photocopy or military personal records

-       (s/n 2-11)   Degrees and ranks from all related University  (Panteion, Military Academy and  National Defense Universities)

-       (s/n 12-14)  Certificates of English proficiency and French B2

-       (s/n 15-17)  3 Recommendation Letters from National Defense University , Dr Tretler (Dean of Faculty), Ambassador Nesbit (NDU Senior Vice President), Colonel Troy (Chair of Department of Strategy and policy)

-       (s/n 18)         1 evaluation letter from  International Student Management Office Chief Col. (ret) Mr. John Charlton. 

-       (s/n 19)        Congratulations from  the National Defense College Commander for the strategic methodology framework produced