The school was founded in 1952, as the Military School of Foreign Languages.
Until 1961 it was housed in the building of Share Cash of Army (MTS). In 1962 it was relocated to the Military Camp of 651 ABYP where it remained until 1970. Then it was transferred to the Military Camp of Baritis (Former Papadogonas) in Goudi before coming to the present location. In July of 2017 it incorporated the corresponding faculties of other Armed Forces Departments and was renamed to the Interdisciplinary Institute of the Languages of Armed Forces. (DIGED).

The administration of DIGED is based under GEETHA / B’ Branch and logistics issues are supported by the Army General Staff. The Institute provides training and foreign languages to the personnel of Armed and Security Forces of the Greek Military. It also provides the option of teaching the Greek language to Military personnel of foreign countries. DIGED may conduct evaluation examinations for the purpose of the offices needs as well as in other languages apart from the ones being taught under order of the GEETHA.

In March 2018, after a successful evaluation from an external audit and enforcement agency, DIGED acquired a certificate in System Development, of management in learning as well as learning services under ISO 299990:2010 and accreditation of quality management systems under ISO 9001:2015. This certifications gave DIGED the recognition that it is able to provide and enhance its validity serving as proof of a proper organization and an operation that is committed to continuously improve its efficiency.

The emblem of DIGED depicts the intersection / collaboration of GEETHA as well as a manuscript with an owl, the symbol of wisdom. The above reflect the Ancient Greek / Hellenic Spirit and Civilization which were disseminated through linguistics.

At the top part of the emblem it is imprinted the Ancient Greek saying “PANGLOSSOS ESTIN ARISTOS” which connects learning with excellence while at the bottom the DIGED initials.