DIGED's Commander Curriculum Vitae Colonel Ilias Petoumenos

Born on August 1st 1967.

After his early life years, he attended the military school of EVELPIDON where he graduated as a Lieutenant in 1990.

Following up his career steps he then attended the school of Basic School of Special Forces as well as the Advanced Military.

Between the period of 1992 and 2003 after he had graduated from the Military Schools and finished with all his training, he served as a Commander in Military Units in Rhodes, Polikastro Kilkis, Samothrace as well as the Presidential National Guard in Athens.

During the period of 2003 to 2007 he served as a senior executive in the Directorate of Plans of GEETHA where at the end of his duty on 2007 he decided to attend the Advanced Interdisciplinary School of War.

From 2008 and for three years till 2011, he served in Limnos as a Deputy Commander at 290 Mch Btn. being promoted to a Colonel of the National Guard Battalion.

During 2011 to 2015 he served as Head of Ground and Special Forces at the Joint National centre of Operations of the GEETHA in Athens.

Finishing up his education and studies he decided to attend in 2015 the school of National Defence providing him the opportunity in 2016 to serve as Head of the Department of Doctrine and Education at the Ministry of Defence leading him to today serving as commander of DIGED.

He has been given citation, as well as a lot of memorizations for his achievements and all the medals provided by his degree.

Speaks fluent English and is married with a son.