Commander Greetings

Dear students,

I welcome you to the Joint Language Institute of Armed Forces, in which you have been called to attend to learn a foreign language of your choice.

JLIAF is the transformation of the military language school with the integration of the foreign language schools of all branches of the Armed Forces. It began operating in 1952, under the name of a Military Foreign Language School, in the building where today is MTS and from 1961 to the current position, until it was renamed to JLIAF in July 2017.

I urge you to take advantage of your current period of study by seeing it as the greatest opportunity to pursue goals to expand your spiritual horizons without the commitments and constraints as well as the ongoing obligations of the Unit or service you were working on.

This period is an opportunity for each and everyone of you who should not be left untapped. Without working obligations it is possible to respond in an excellent way to the requirements of teaching and the knowledge of the foreign language, while at the same time making creative use of your free time.

The management, the JLIAF staff, and your teachers will be around you constantly to help you smooth your adjustment and solve any problems.

I firmly believe, in spite of the times and despite any objective difficulties, that we can become even better, with constant effort, patience, conscience and positive mood.

It is my intention, all of them and everyone, in accordance with the obligations arising from his duties, to move in the above direction and to participate in the overall improvement effort, achieving our goals.

I hope for the excellent cooperation of all involved, educational staff and students, but also for the constant interest of all.

Convinced in advance of your potential, with a smile and stubbornness over the difficult times, I wish you good attendance with my warmest wishes for health and full satisfaction of your goals.